Varying degrees

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    This morning I am considering the differences between "good" and "bad," "right" and "wrong," and what I have discovered is none of them really makes sense. Whatever word I choose to use to describe the polarizing energies, still does not help me understand how such contrasting words can create such havoc in the world. 
    When I was in the very fundamental faith, I was told "good" was God, and "bad" was the devil. Hence I grew up afraid of both. I was fearful if I didn't do certain things God would be disappointed and somehow punish me, and if I listened to the devil I would most certainly be banished to burn in hell for all of eternity. Consequently, I was constantly judging myself, my actions, my words! And, as though that wasn't enough, I judged everyone else in the same manner. It was a very tedious and joyless way to live. 
    This morning it is clear there is much to learn and discern about "good/bad" "right/wrong", ultimately, God and the Devil. It is certainly not my job to convince anyone what is best for them; my job is to discern for myself and take action according to what I know within my heart. And there lies the key to understanding . . . knowing one's heart! 
    Growing up I was told God lives in heaven, watches my actions and has a huge pad of paper on which he keeps track of what I do. I really never knew that God was within me; that God and I could be intimate friends! I am most grateful to have realized that we are, indeed, intimate partners in this life. And that everything I think, say and do is a reflection of the Creator of the Universe! Once I realized this, everything in my life changed. Never again did I feel alone, never did I feel inferior. Instead, I watched my thoughts, words and actions so that they reflected to others the divine. I wanted everyone to know the "peace" and security that comes from having a friend available 24/7. I do watch my thoughts, words and actions, but this time it's because I want others to witness the Creator and all that comes from being intimate with the divine. 
    I have human emotions and reactions to situations that are not uplifting, or loving; however, I know that through the situation something is being "worked out," somehow there will be a deepening of compassion and understanding if I will hold love in my heart knowing it is God that sits within. 
    There are, indeed, varying degrees of positive/negative, good/bad, and yet if we will allow our divine nature to guide our life, we will find our way home to hearts. What an amazing place that is!  


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