LuLu - A gift from the heart of Teresa Payton

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Once upon a time, I traveled to a land far away called Subconscious.  A place where we make agreements and dream our lives into being.  It is a magical, colorful place.  And on this particular visit, I made an agreement with myself and God to host a foreign exchange teacher.  Now I know what you are thinking, it is a foreign exchange STUDENT not teacher but that was not the case.  I agreed to host a teacher because I had some things to learn.  And you know how teachers can be....some can be tough, others gentle and kind, still others can be scary and give you lots of homework.  This teacher was all of these.  Her name was Lulu.

When Lulu first showed up, she remained in the background watching silently until it was time to show herself.  And when she did,  it was a surprise.  She was round and petite, standing out in the crowd.  Now this was not the first teacher I had hosted so I was only a little afraid and I immediately remembered what my previous teacher taught me....take care of what is in front of you.  And now that I had another teacher show up, I knew there must be more to learn.  So I began sitting with my new teacher, talking, listening and asking questions.  I was a good student.  I fed her regularly, prayed for her, talked about her with concern and love and showed appreciation for the role she was playing in my life.  

She wanted to stay in the TaTa room of my home so I knew there were things to look at with the feminine aspects of myself and I did. She also showed me how in the past I tended to not ask for the help of others believing that I could do everything on my own.  We looked at faith and worry within ourselves, with Creator and in the community.  And we practiced paying attention and living in the moment.  We learned a lot in those two months and through our relationship we gave others opportunities to learn and watch us dance our relationship with grace.  And before she left, she asked me what I was willing to let go of and what I was going to replace her with.

When she left, there was a sadness as well as a know how that feels when the class is over and you know you won't have this teacher again.  But I know I will never forget what she taught me and what we learned together.  She left me with plenty of homework to practice my lessons.

Now you might be wondering where do such teachers come from...well, these teachers come from many lands but I had my  from the rugged, mountainous region of Siberia called Cancerous or from the beautiful, lush island in the middle of the Pacific called Benign.  So it wasn't until days after she left that we received a postcard from Benign and what a beautiful place to come from....


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