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     Yesterday a dear friend called early in the morning to share a teaching she had just received. She is part of an online program organized by Neale Donald Walsch (or maybe he just promotes it?) however, it's called the Master's Series. Various well known inventors, explorers, healers, wisdom keepers, share what they have discovered. Yesterday she heard a teaching on the way men and women approach business endeavors. The lady who spoke (I believe it was Dr. Ellie Drake) had done extensive research study to discover why, overall, men seem to be more successful with new endeavors than women. Now this is a very, very short version of what she heard; however, it seems that overall men excrete more adrenalin which brings excitement and full blown energy to catapult them full-blown into projects. Whereas, women approach such endeavors with a "fight or flight," which causes them to move into the endeavor with some hesitancy. That is to say, they approach it with more caution and at a slower pace, whereas men jump right in and go for it.
      Of course, these are just generalities, and I am giving you a very, very short version. If you are interested in the more in-depth information, let me know and I'll find a link or some reference point for you. Dr. Ellie continued that for a woman to be successful (and she most certainly knows they are!) they generally have to identify with the project like she would a child. That is to say, she needs to "bond" with the project as she would a child. Once this is securely connected, the sky's the limit!
     As I walked yesterday, that teaching came back to me, wrapped in a rainbow colored blanket! What I know from what I heard is the teaching is certainly not gender-related. What the teaching is about is understanding the importance of Love! Whatever word we put on finding excitement in life that will move us to taking action, feeling the thrill of a new adventure, being willing to put all our efforts into something that stirs our heart, requires we listen and respect our heart. While our head also needs engaged to help with the "organizing" of action, it is the project that comes from our heart that becomes the catalyst for action. When we take action according to our heart's dream, we have the energy, tenacity, perseverance, whatever accolade we want to us to put all the blood, sweat and tears into seeing it to completion.
     What an amazing Truth! It does not matter what your gender, what matters is what "passion" you have that waits for your attention. There is a respect that must be maintained between our Head and Heart that allows both to work together with the Spirit of cooperation. If we only have dreams with no support for seeing them through, then it will never manifest. If we are only action oriented we will fill our days with "tasks" that keep us busy checking off our list, and never really hear our heart's dreams. Sorta like the "bucket list," it would be helpful to check in weekly, or even daily, to see what our dreams are and plan accordingly. Like most of us humans, if we are recognized each day by those we love, we're pretty happy. We require less attention when we know we are really "seen" and loved! It's something to think about today. Let us know what you notice, we are here to help you realize your dreams through community! We have a very rich community filled with a plethora of resources!


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