The Holidays

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    As the holidays quickly approach, I am reminded of the importance of gathering together. The world is connected through the multi-media in such a way, few things are private. We know what people are doing all over the world. The actions of someone half way around the world are displayed for all of us to see - every detail of people's lives are open for public "critique." Social media sites offer a way to stay connected with people we know, care about, and or simply want to know more about. It is, indeed, a marvelous way to stay abreast with people's lives.
    This holiday season offers each of us the opportunity to get out from in front of our computers and really "see" those individuals. To hear someones voice, see their facial expressions, watch their body language, and hear the intonation of their words, offers so much more than social media. It takes people skills, real human emotions, and strength to talk face to face with people. Writing words is one thing, seeing the reaction of those words is quite another. Good communications that deepens relationships is one in which clarity of the message is known. You cannot tell if someone "heard your real intentions" by only using email, texting, or social networking to communicate. I know of some very sad feelings that were felt by recipients of predominately multi-media forms.
    So, consider the real gift you can give your friends and family this holiday season by taking the time to pick up the phone, or, better yet, arrange a face to face meeting if only for a few moments. Heck, aren't you curious how your friends or family look? I, for one, would like to think other people are showing the signs of age that I am! Life is so very precious, and it seems to be moving at light-speed, so give the gift of your time to those you love and care about and see how it feels to really connect on a personal level. It just might be the best holiday gift you give and receive this season. 


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