Loving Each Other

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      It's a slippery slope to really love each other. Books are written, movies made, songs created to describe what it feels like to love someone; to actually allow someone to enter the most sacred place of our being. Of course, trust is the key element, for if there is not trust, a wall surrounds our heart that keeps watch for suspicious activity. It is a natural reaction to protect one's heart, for that is the place where our core human need resides - Love! 
     Every person alive needs love above all else. Food, shelter, a place to reside and feel safe are basic needs that make life more comfortable, but without Love, nothing is important. As much as we talk about love, it takes tremendous courage to really share it with others. It all begins within. Each of us must love ourselves before we can really love someone else. We have to know what love feels like, what it means to be listened to and acknowledged as a sacred human being. To do this, we must take time every day to simply "be" with ourselves. Whether it's in the silence of the drive to or from work, or in the quietness just before rising in the morning or concluding our day, each of us must pause and reflect on our actions. Did we think and do something that added more joy to our heart and to the world around us, or did we simply do what felt best for us, without regard for those around us? 
     Loving each other is a great goal for this Holiday Season, in fact, it's the best gift you can give yourself and those around you. I choose to pay attention to what strengths I have that can add joy to the world, and to change those traits that do not serve me or those around me so that they do add more love to the world. It is marvelous to realize the power we have to BE what we want to see more of in the world!


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