Spring Rains

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   Spring has arrived with great warmth and it is a delight to see the birth of nature at its very best. Spring rains have been steady and consistent which has contributed to the rapid growth. Why, you can sit on your porch and almost hear the stretching of leaves, grass, and various plants as they emerge from their winter's hibernation. Such a fertile time of newness that offers each of us the opportunity to consider what we would like to bring forth this season. 
    Winter is a time of stillness, of resting within our homes as we wait to see what the cold season will present. This year in Indiana, we saw little snow; instead, we had the bareness of the winter. For some that represents death since everything is pretty drab. However, for things to be birthed there is a dying away that must occur.  
   With spring in front of us, now is a good time to consider what we would like to see grow in our lives. Each of us have something we are ready to put aside and something we would like to focus our energy and time to create. So, now is a good time to take the steps needed to see it put in some shape or form. Spring is a time to birth those dreams, actually take action to see material results from something we have on our "bucket list," "new year's resolution," or whatever word we choose to describe something we have always wanted to do.
   Through the spring rain, we are given the symbolic reminder that gray skies produce the very element needed to feed the fullness of the beauty we observe during the next six months. Our personal "gray days" can produce the same richness in our lives IF we will see it as a feeding of our dreams rather than a hindrance to their manifestation. Now is a good time to use what seemed "gloomy" as fertilizer for the outgrowth within that germinated during the winter months.  Here's to spring rains that enrich, nurture and support those "seedlings" that knew they could be something very beautiful!


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