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     Lent began this week for many who follow the teachings of Jesus. It used to be prominently a Catholic tradition; however, over the years, people have chosen this practice outside that particular faith. And, like other holidays, some who do not claim to have a specific "religious" practice, use this time to "give up" something. For some it's an old habit, others, simply a time to acknowledge there is something greater than oneself. 
    Regardless why a person chooses to use this opportunity to abstain from something, the simple truth is, it is a "spiritual" choice. Something within a person knows it is time to reduce a particular habit that is not helpful for either themselves or those around them. Wouldn't it be nice if an entire community could follow that tradition? Can you imagine the possibilities if all family members agreed to spend 40 days only speaking kind words to each other? Or all countries agreed to allow each other their unique beliefs without criticism for 40 days? 
   Pausing to consider someone's choice that may be different from yours always strengthens your own beliefs, for it allows each person the opportunity to honor each others beliefs. Being respected begins with respecting your own beliefs, then treating others the way you want to be treated. So, I say, now is a good time to take 40 days to consider what is truly, in the very deep crevices of your heart, important to you. I promise if you honor yourself by taking the time to get in touch with these core beliefs, you will find more JOY in your life, and ultimately, allow others to experience the same. Then when Easter arrives, let those core beliefs be set free! Let the old ways of not knowing who and what you are be gone! JOY begins when you really know yourself and have a clear understanding you are more than your circumstances. There is, indeed, a divine force that weaves through our veins, and once we realize and feel that connection, we are set free to truly experience JOY.


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