Three Amigas

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   Three Amigas are sharing lemon mint water, homemade caramels and some giggles as one says to the other, "you look completely different than you did three days ago, what's happened?"  The second Amiga responds, "It's been a tremendous three days of healing," and she continued to share the events and people she had visited to assist her with making a shift in her life. (This Amiga broke her back in January and found herself in the thralls of stillness that led her to much time for introspection. Interestingly, she had been searching for a new way of being in her life.)
   She said, "I knew I was ready for something, just wasn't certain how to do it, so with a lot of patience, love and determination, it's finally clear. I feel more joy than I have for a long time, and I know what I want to do. I'm not certain how and where I'll do it, but I trust that will be made clear also."
   The third Amiga spoke up and said, "So, you did know how to 'turn your corner,' all you had to do was be patient, loving and determined and your clarity and joy followed. So, now you know what to do the next time you have another corner to turn!"With that, the three giggled very grateful they had each other to witness the unfolding of each other's hearts! And, that at least one Amiga knew how to make such delicious caramels!


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