Burning away

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Consider if you will, what an opportunity we all have in front of us! This record breaking heat wave has given all of us the opportunity to look at our life and ask what needs removed. Much like winter offers us time to go within to consider what we want to see more of in our life, so this sweltering heat is doing! Most of us are fortunate enough to have some means to cool ourselves so much of the weekend was probably spent within our homes, at a movie, shopping mall or some place with air conditioning. I noticed the local news reported attendance at museums was up last week; that is certainly a healthy sign that families are spending time together.

As we move through this hot summer, pause for a few moments and ask yourself, "What do I want to allow this heat to 'burn away,' and how can I use this to assist me." I will just bet you know precisely what you'd like to offer up to the "sun god" that will make your life more joyful, more fun, and filled with adventure. Here's a challenge to take state what you want to "burn away," and welcome the newness that comes with the new growth. 


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