Holy Cow!

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   Have you ever watched cows graze in the field? They have a slow, steady pace about life. Rarely, if ever, do you see cows running anywhere. Even if it is storming they find their way to shelter well before the "effects" are felt and therefore have no reason to hurry. With the current hot weather we have had, it has been interesting to notice how they flock together under the trees in the field to seek shelter from the direct rays of the sun. When the rain has been plentiful, you will often see cows standing in ponds of water to cool their body. They seem to know instinctively what to do to take care of themselves.
   I recently visited my brother in Kentucky and one morning took his routine walking path along the hills and hollers. The cows (and bulls) stared at me as though to check out the "new face" on the block! As I walked past them, I made no audible sound; rather, kept my eyes locked with theirs and silently said, "Hello!" Slowly and very methodically they chewed their cud and moved their heads as I passed. It was as though they did not  have a care in the world. Perhaps that is why the expression, "the contented cow!" Cows seem to take life one moment at a time and trust their instincts to deal with what is in front of them. It was at that time the thought occurred to me; perhaps, the cow knows something that would be good for me to remember - to trust my instincts and simply be content where I am!


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