The Broken Heart

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  I was reminded this morning what happens to the heart when someone feels "wronged." There was a very dear person important in my life who went through an experience that hurt his/her heart very much. At the time it was clear the dynamics were intense, and that actions and words had been said that would have a great impact on the family dynamics. As is all too often the case, the effects seeped onto the friends of all concerned and the division lines were drawn. 
  It is a quandary to deal with such events when as a friend to the family, you wish only to see all parties happy, and peacefulness restored to all concerned.  Unfortunately, however, we do not have the power to control such events. All any of us can do is look within our own hearts to see if the peaceful we seek for others is present within ourselves.
  For this moment, I am grateful for the love within my heart, family, and community that holds a reflection for those with a broken heart to see, feel, and access to help heal his/her injured heart. While my humanness would like to "help," my soul knows only the Creator can perform such "heart surgery!" There is, within my heart, a vacant space waiting for the "broken-hearted" one to return.


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