"Fall" into Life . . .

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  As the temps cool and color blankets the landscape now is a good time to begin the journey inward. Life offers diverse opportunities from which to experience the richness of being human. With spring we greet the newness of growth as we eagerly welcome the warmth, color and freshness that comes after a long winter's rest. 

  Next is the carefree experience of summer that offers us time to gather with friends, drink cold lemonade, eat the fresh veggies and fruits of our gardens and enjoy the coolness of our favorite "swimming hole." After a very hot summer, life now offers us the opportunity to snuggle into warm clothes, tell stories around a campfire, and enjoy the briskness Fall's beauty. 

  What a marvelous time to begin our journey into our hearts and homes as we move into the Holiday season's in front of us. From the "spooky" time of Halloween, grateful time of Thanksgiving, to the celebration of the Western world's Christmas, time is set aside to gather with friends and family and catch up on what has unfolded in each of our lives. 

  Pause for a moment, if you will, and consider the diversity of colors Fall presents. It just might help you appreciate the many facets of life that awaits your presence! Choose to really "see" life and appreciate what is truly important. The distractions offered by daily life experiences are really of little value in the big scheme of things. Join me and choose to really "Fall" into life! Earth is such a beautiful place to be!


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