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  I am thinking this morning about prayer. In particular, my heart is asking for this storm heading to the East coast to be more gentle than they are speculating it will be. Of course, the media likes to "hype" everything up to excite us into concern so that we become glued to our TV's. However, this morning my heart called to me to send gentleness and love to "Sandy." In life I do that for those I know who are angry, sad, confused, so why not send loving thoughts toward such a powerful storm that can bring such wrath to that section of the world. 

  So, those thoughts led me to consider prayer. That word is used often when we speak of needing some assistance, clarity or simply a more comfortable state of being. Whatever a person's religious views, prayer seems to be a universally accepted word that means the same thing for many different faiths. It is an act of compassion. Therefore, it is my request those of you that read this pause for a few moments and send heart-felt gentleness to "Sandy." Just maybe she will feel the powerful energy that love brings and move out to the ocean, or at the very least, lessen her intensity. Just as the cold front, pull of the tides and the full moon are influencing her, join me as we pray for gentleness and peace. It is most certainly worth a try! And who knows, we may learn a little more about the power of Prayer!


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