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  It is not always easy to learn things about yourself, and yet, it is the very way in which we become better human beings. Case in point: It was brought to my attention that some of my writings seems to be "pointing the finger." That is to say, it is as though "I" am exempt from the teachings in which I write about. That was a very important awareness for which I am most grateful to have been brought to my attention.
  Everything I write about is from personal experience. Every emotion, disappointment, perplexity, joy and silliness comes from my life! I was taught to get the "I" out of the conversation so as to not put the focus on me. It is a way to notice the "ego" that is so readily willing to emerge! Therefore, most of my writing excludes the "I." Be assured the writings come from my heart where every attempt is made to understand life, relationships and other such perplexities that comes from human actions and reactions.
  Being vigilant with observing my thoughts, words and actions is at the forefront of my life and it is my hope what is shared offers anyone interested an opportunity to pause, reflect and examine his or her life as well. The Mayan have a saying, "You are another myself," and when we look into the great Smoking Mirror, hopefully, we can see what is beautiful, possible and waiting to be loved! I am humbled by my friend's honesty!


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