One Star

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  As I look out my bedroom window I see one star shining brightly in the East. Sort of reminds me of the star that led the shepherds to baby Jesus! That may sound a bit "grandiose" but that's the first thing that pops in my head. What is most interesting is it was there when I went to bed - does that sound unusual or what? So, as I notice it sparkling in the still dark morning sky, I wonder what's beyond this place I call "home" and what is its message to me?
  I like thinking of such things, it somehow helps me know there is something beyond the experiences I have here on Earth. I am comforted in the reminder I am not alone ... ever! As I gaze at the night sky I imagine my ancestors watching over me and it brings great comfort to my heart. I imagine some of you have lost someone during your lifetime as I have, but it somehow brings a warm feeling to my heart to feel that he or she is not really very far away. 
  And so this morning, as the hint of dawn dims the brilliance of the one star out the East window of my bedroom, I send my gratitude to my loved one, my ancestors, to the Creator for providing me yet another reminder how very loved and watched over I am, and for the assurance that although I may not "see" them, they are always with me! And for the reminder, that if I pay attention, I am always being guided throughout my walk here on Earth.


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