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While waiting in line to pay for the items needed to prepare our family Gathering, a conversation between the clerk and the customer in front of me could be heard. One was commenting about the Christmas decorations and how Thanksgiving seemed to be "lost." As the person in front of me began to pay for her merchandise, I commented how interesting it is that being grateful seemed to be sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas and how it seemed most important to take the time to be thankful - they both agreed.

In the same day, a man and I were standing in front of two adjoining cash registers checking out and the cashier asked him how he was celebrating Thanksgiving. He commented his children would be seeing "his ex-wife" so he planned to get some work done around the house. As he took his merchandise, he said to the cashier, "Thanksgiving's no big deal to me, I'm not a pilgrim."

As we gather with our friends, families, or simply choose to be alone, my wish for all of us is that we take the time to consider the amazing gifts we have every day. Even those events that hurt our heart give us an opportunity to pause, reflect, and choose to create the life we desire. It is that simple. However, if we merely focus on the "commercial" side of holidays, we may miss the opportunity to notice the amazing gift we have to create the life our hearts want. 

Today I will be a "pilgrim!" I will take the time to listen and explore my heart. I will respect it enough to ask what it feels and needs. I have learned to do this after having it closed for many years when I was "asleep" and did not realize I had a choice. I am grateful for the return of love I see every day in the brave men, women and children that are asking for what they need from a basic human emotional level; rather than the material one. From the lady who noticed the "oversight" of Thanksgiving, to the man who heart needs heard, I am given the reminder to take the time to notice the condition of my heart and take action to create exactly what I want to see more of in my life, and in the world!


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