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  Am I the only one who wonders how the diversity in political parties became a division? How the focus is on our differences rather than our commonality, leaving the real issues buried and not addressed? My observation is that division is a "hard place to fall!" It is my understanding our forefathers (and Mothers) came to this country to have the freedom to follow their beliefs -- and it has been that diversity of beliefs that has made our country rich, abundant and a place many from other countries continue to aspire to join. 
   So, I wonder, why it is our current "state of the union" is one in which we see "Democrats" and "Republicans?|" And those "independence" are merely rebels seeking a cause. It is one thing to allow one's heart to guide him/her in a direction that feels more in alignment with his/her current view of what is best for our country and quite another thing to see him/her as "Right" or "Wrong."It seems to me each person has a unique quality they can add to the community in which they live, and when respected by being heard, a shred of commonality can be discovered.
  I am just wondering, what if, each of us were brave and spoke from our hearts, would our actions actually give our "neighbor" permission to share their insights? Could we actually find peaceful solutions to any given situation by simply being willing to hear another person's perspective?
  I do not have an answer to that question, I can only do my part to listen to another as they speak. I may not agree with their views; however, if I really listen, I will, more than likely, hear their heart telling me who they are and what they dream their world to be. What I have learned is everyone wants to be loved! Somehow, through the individual "eyes" of our community, we can "see" that everyone is seeking the same thing - we just have different ways of finding it. And, we really have more in common with our neighbor than we have differences.
  I just wonder what our country would look like if we took the immortal wisdom of the Father in the Brady Bunch and simply saw people in their underwear when they speak. Perhaps we would find the humanness in the person speaking rather than not hear what they say because we are so busy formulating our response, that is to say, our point of view to show them how "wrong" they are!
  I think about such things alot; and I just wonder..


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