Sand in my floor mats!

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  Wrapped tightly in my winter coat, neck scarf, boots and gloves, I secured myself into my car as comfortably as I could given the frigid temperatures. Grateful for a dependable car, "she" started with the first crank! After a few moments to warm up, "we" emerged from the garage into the bitter cold and onto a light dusting of freshly fallen snow. It was a winter wonderland  as my body tightened from the frigid temps... It eagerly awaited the warmth of the heater to relax. The body is an amazing "machine" that knows precisely what to do to keep it working!
  So, off I went to have lunch with my granddaughter. It had been a while since I had seen her and she had just completed her first few weeks of college. I knew there was much she would have to share about her new, grown-up experience! After a few more moments, my clinched body began to warm and I could feel my tense muscle begin to relax.
  As I took a few deep breaths to assist my body with "unclinching," I felt grateful to be back home where loved ones abound. Does our family have "drama;" conflict, upheavals, disputes, frustrations? Absolutely! Yet my heart is grateful the love we feel for each other is so much stronger than any "earthly" situations. We are a resourceful family that respects each other's differences, confronts frustrations, and seeks to find solutions. For the most part, we treat each other as we want to be treated! For all of this, I am most grateful! 
  Upon arrival at the restaurant, my now very warm and relaxed body, prepared to re-enter the frigid temperatures. As I turned the key to disengage my car, I noticed beneath my boots was something white on the floor mats. My thoughts went quickly from "ah, residue of snow," to the realization that it was sand! All the way from the beaches of Englewood and Siesta Key in Sarasota, the white substance rested between the grooves of the black floor mats. I could not help but smile to realize what a drastic change had occurred within a few short days. From the record heat of Florida, to the frigid temps in Indiana, it was the same person driving the car, yet the environment surrounding her was dramatically different. It then occurred to me, what a gift life brings us. We have so many opportunities to feel different emotions, dress according to the weather and still the basic human heart is the same. 
  For this moment, I am grateful for the wintry snow outside, and the warmth of my home as my heart feels the security of love that offers such diverse beauty to the inhabitants of Earth. We, truly have a divine, loving Mother and Father that reminds us how quickly things can change. From the white snow of Indiana to the white sands of Florida, we have the gift from Creator to remind us whatever we are experiencing will change! All this from "Sand in my Floor mats!"


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