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  At this moment, it seems expectations are often the culprit of any duress I may feel in my life. I do my best to stay in the moment and judge nothing. But darn if that is sometimes a very tall order for me! For many situations that happen, I find myself having some "observation" as to how and why it occurred, what I could have done to avoid or prevent it, and how to "fix" it or make it better! It is simply a gut instinct for me to want to "help" find solutions, offer options and stand beside someone as they make a choice. Fortunately, I have made major improvements in simply accepting what other's do, despite my experience that their choice will more than likely not have the results they think it might. There is something to be said about the wisdom that comes with age, and I seem to be gaining more of that all the time! For this moment, what is important for me to remember is that experience is what helps one develop wisdom. Oh, yes, we most certainly can learn from another person's choices; however, there is something very meaningful when we have to pick ourselves up by our boot straps and learn from our choices. IF we can pause and reflect on the situation in order to learn something from the experience, it most certainly will help us with the next "adventure." All of this is a good reminder for me to simply honor what a person chooses and let my "head" know it is not my place to have any expectations as to what the results may be. I need to remember, it is the other person's experiences that will help them develop wisdom. So, for this moment, I will simply honor what I know and be grateful for the wisdom that comes from courageously moving into the "unknown." After all, expectations are merely assumptions we make, and we all know what happens when we assume!


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