His Holiness

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Traveled to Louisville, KY yesterday to hear the public talk by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. The experience was beyond words! What I can share is tears that flowed from many eyes as 14,000 people gathered to witness HOPE for a peaceful, Compassionate World! 14,000! And that was just for this one day public talk! It is not the "man" that brought people out, although being in his presence makes you smile! He is a joyful, happy, smiling human being that opens up your heart to the possibilities. And, he does this without even speaking a word! Rather, it is the unbridled love you feel just being in all that amazing energy. The music was outstanding, as was the words shared by the diverse group of inter-faith speakers. The Respect for each different expression of Faith was outstanding! And yet, the common "thread" that ties us all together was evident and extraordinary! Regardless how one chooses to express their personal way of connecting to the Divine, the commonality of love and compassion was experienced through the heart connection! And, it is that heart connection that is the common thread ... that shows us we are the same! I am humbled, hopeful and eager to be part of this amazing "wave" of change!


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