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Yesterday was Memorial Day and for some reason my Internet was down. Made me wonder if it was "my" attitude or simply a "fluke." Today what I know is opportunity sits in front of me every moment! I can either choose to be frustrated, or simply move through the experience. I choose to move through it, and, ultimately, my body feels "happier!" When I do the opposite, I am generally tired and have more aches in my body. That leads me to believe that every thing I experience is about choice! And, with that, I choose the peacefulness and calmness that comes with moving "with" the experience, rather than try to make the experience fit "my" idea of "should!" My teacher once told me I came from a "shouldy" family, and you know, that was a very astute observation!


  1. Keila Hammans Says:

    Interesting site. Hope to speak with you soon!

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