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I found it refreshing this morning to hear about a bus driver who gave his life to save the student's on his school bus. Oh, I could have noticed the violence once again reported, however, to me it minimized the tremendous unselfish love demonstrated by another human being! This man cared more about the students on his bus then worrying about saving his own life! Is that worth noticing or what?

There are so many very good people in this world that we often hear little about over the enormous amount of coverage given to people who show little concern for others. It certainly reminds me why I only have "rabbit ears" for my TV reception. How people can listen to the cable news channels is beyond my understanding. After stubbornly resisting being on Facebook, I recently relented to becoming a member. From what I observe from people's conversations in person or Facebook posting, there seems to be a ever widening chasm between people as a result of listening to all the "reports" from the media. Gratefully, there are some very beautiful posting that help balance the experience.

Admittedly, I am one who prefers to notice what is happening that adds love to our world. Is my "rear" in the air? I don't think so, for I do watch the 1/2 hour national news each evening, so I am clearly aware of the sadness and sorrow many in our world confront each day. I just choose to balance it out with more uplifting, hopeful energy. Whether in the form of music, good books, beautiful sunsets, a yoga session, soak in a hot tub, giggles with friends, or simply a walk in the country, it helps me keep things in perspective. At least, that's what works for me! I hope my actions help add more joy to the world, at least, that is my heart's intention!


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