Deep Freeze

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  Burr . . . it is a crisp cold morning in the Midwest! Temps plummeted to the coldest all year, and in some areas, the coldest since 2011. It is beautiful outside my bedroom window as snow blankets the ground and roof tops, and Grandfather sun's brilliant yellow moves upward from the East. Somehow just seeing his face makes the temps feel "warm." 
  Such is how a positive attitude can warm the hearts of those that feel alone, afraid, uncertain. It is a scary place to be to feel "frozen" in emotions that keep a person from moving forward. There is not a person in the world that has not felt such depths of "darkness," at some time or other in his or her life. It is the kindness of others that helps "defrost" those times so that a person can see past his or her current experience.
  For today, look in the mirror and ask yourself, "For what do I have to be grateful?" Once you have a few things in mind (and my hunch is the list is long,) take that warmth from knowing how blessed you are out to the world. To the grocery store, the filling station, the post office, to work, any and every place you go. You may not realize it, but you just may be like Grandfather sun and shine a ray of warmth that brings hope to someones life so that they can move from his or hers Deep Freeze and begin to breathe.


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