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  It occurred to me this morning that I had been remiss with posting a notice about the publication of "Head to Heart Talks: Rediscovering Your Authentic Self." Most of you have received an email announcing the "big event," and yet, I had not officially made that announcement on this blog. Isn't that interesting?
  So, let this be the "official" notice that the book is available for purchase online through Amazon. When I have been shown how to post a direct link to Amazon, I will provide that in the tab to the left labeled, "The Book."
  For those of you living in and around my area, I have copies that may be purchased if you want to make a gift of it for Christmas; however, I leave Thursday to spend the holidays with my daughter. You may contact me until 3 p.m. Thursday 12/19, or drop by "Choices" on Morton Avenue, they have a few copies available for purchase. Choices is located behind Mr. Dillion's. 
  I would like to share a teaching I recently learned about business tactics. I happened to notice on Sunday that Barnes and Nobles now have my book listed online for $37.27! The price on the book is $16.99, and until recently, they had it for sale at just under $15. So, I sent an email asking why the price was changed from the initial price to the extremely high price for a paperback book by a new author. I told them I wanted the book purchased so the richness of the stories could be read and shared, and that while I wanted to support local bookstores, I would be sending my friends to Amazon so they could afford to have a copy. 
  Well, apparently they decided to simply state the book was unavailable and keep the ebook at a comparable rate with Amazon. Please do not pay the high price! While I think it is a fabulously rich book worth its weight in gold, being a good steward of our resources is just as important. I also think the paper book is beautiful to hold. The ebook does, indeed, carry the richness of the stories; however, the beauty of the artwork is more widely present in the paper book. 
  With that said, read the book!! Share it with your friends, family and anyone that seems to be seeking something in life. I can promise you there are stories that will speak to every reader's heart.
  There is my "sales pitch," although it is actually the love in my heart that is speaking. You have everything to gain by purchasing the book. And, after you have read a bit into it, please go online at Amazon and leave a review so potential readers will decide to give it a read. So, there you have it, and thank you, in advance for making the purchase, your heart will be happy you did . . . and so will mine!


  1. Linda Rendleman Says:

    Thank you, thank you for this book. I ordered it immediately as I knew it would have many nuggets of love and advice as only you could share it. And finally, this past weekend was the perfect time for me to pick up the book, read it, sit with it, immerse myself in it's wisdom and reflect on the stories as they relate to my own life. I'm leaving it right next to my reading chair so each morning I can read and re-read the stories you've created and the lessons shared. Reflective, introspective and tender I'm recommending it to my friends.

    Thank you for putting your wisdom, your love and so much of YOU into this beautiful book.


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