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  This morning my thoughts are on the topic of "Courage." My son completed radiation therapy for throat cancer this summer. In November the doctor's completed a series of scans and reported he was "clean and clear," of cancer. On a return visit a few weeks ago they noticed a growth, so on Friday a biopsy was done to determine whether it was scar tissue from the radiation or "something else." Bottom line, it was cancer. They cleaned what they could with a laser; however, it was too extensive, and he is scheduled to have open surgery on his throat in a couple of weeks.
  Such "dark times" ultimately prove to shed light on those individuals who choose to find the "light" in every situation. Every single person confronts something heart-wrenching in the course of his or her life. It is the way in which we respond that shows our true character. We can become victims of our life circumstances, or we can choose to move through a situation with hope, determination and a will to confront what is in front of us. 
  My son sent a text message first thing this morning that he has begun a cancer-fighting food regime, complete with herbal supplements. I offered to join him with his food regime. We need each other; we need to see the power love offers in the healing of our world. Beginning within each of us, to our family and neighbors. It is easy to complain, ask "why me, my son, my father, etc," and quite another thing to ask, "How can I change the outcome."
  Without naming names, I want to say, someone who loves my son very much has been resistant to learning anything about texting. He/she tends to look at change and complain. I was told yesterday this person sent a text to my other son and asked if it was OK to use cuss words with texting. I am smiling as I write this, through tears of joy I see, hear, smell and feel in my heart the love this person is extending to my son. This is what love can do to heal a person, family, community, world on all levels. My heart is full of gratitude for all those that make the choice to be courageous and find the light in a dark situation! IF you so choose to assist, we ask for prayers of gratitude for the gift this will give my son to offer hope to others who confront such situations. 
  Courage, what a beautiful word to show what being loved can do, and how it, like a wave, it can sweep the shore and change the terrain to something else. Here's to shape-shifting cancer within an individual to help them BE an even more loving, heart-felt person who can, in return, change the terrain of his/her family, community, and ultimately the world! 


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