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  It has been said that snow represents the dreams of Earth's inhabitants. If that is the case, dreams are plentiful here on Earth Mother! As I watch the whirling snow outside my window blowing a "fog" of white, I wonder what sort of dreams will be birthed with the arrival of Spring.       No doubt many on this planet at hoping for peace, change to occur and life to move in the direction of unity. Here in the United States we have much for which to be grateful, and yet, it seems much unrest is in the conversations of those with whom we encounter. At least, that is what I often hear.
  As snow fills the air with a white cloud of glittery sparkles, I wish for hope to return to everyday conversations. For people to be really listening to each other's words and not just thinking about what they want to say next. I wish for love and gratitude for living in a country where freedom abounds to be evidenced in the faces and conversations of those I see each day. 
  If we could just allow our busy minds to notice the abundant gifts put in front of us, and embrace the richness of not only our dreams, but the dreams of those with whom we come in contact with each day, our Spring would abound with great beauty. Ahh, the glistening sparkle of dreams evidence in the abundant SNOW ... what an beautiful perspective!


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