Valentine's Day

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  Whomever your "sweetie" is, hug them, tell them something you are grateful for about them and ask if there is something you can do for them. That is my suggestion as a perfect gift on Valentine's Day; and, most importantly, every day. Ever wonder why only one day a year is set aside for such sweetness? Oh, do not get me wrong, there are many people who take the time to show their appreciation and gratitude for the "sweetie" in their life. 
  With that said, Valentine's Day can be a difficult day for many people who do not have a "significant other." I suggest we extend that definition of "sweetie" to mean anyone who makes your heart feel warm and cozy. It could be a favorite friend, family member, neighbor or even a family pet! I have a friend who's stepson suggested they send Valentine's cards to random people from the phone book. So, this year, I took that action as well. Of course, I pondered if the man or woman with whom I sent the card would be have some explaining to do if they had a significant other, but I thought it was worth the "risk." So, I simply wrote on the card it was a random act of kindness and wished them a happy heart. 
  Perhaps you would like to take such action? And you can't use the excuse "it's too late," because whenever that person receives the card it will be Valentine's Day! 


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