Spring Break

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Gracious, this little town is beyond its normal, quiet and serene, it is just about comatose! Seems everyone with any sense at all is out of town and into warmer weather. I saw one young man jogging in the subdivision where I am keeping tabs of a friend's house and cat. Poor fella probably doesn't know what to do with all his friends out of town.

It's beautiful today, cold, but gorgeous! There are patches of green dotting the yards, while buds are taking shape on bushes and tree branches. While raking yesterday, I noticed blades of green from the bulbs that have been "incubating" this winter ... yep, there's hope for those of us still wearing our winter coats while our friends and neighbors bask in the sun in Florida or San Padre Island, TX. We'll get our "turn in the sun!" In the meantime, I am enjoying a glass of ice tea, the company of a reluctant "full figured" kitty, and the sweet feel of a home that is filled with much love!


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