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What joy to know Spring is "officially" here. After a very cold and snowy winter, everything seems eager for the warmth of Spring! Birds have been seeking nesting sites, tree branches are displaying small "bumps" where buds are preparing to emerge and raccoons, rabbits, and even a fox have shown their presence.  It is, indeed, a time of newness. Now, if the temperatures would only cooperate. I was reminded by a lady in the check out line at the local grocery store that it's sectional time here in Indiana, that means anything can go ... from the weather to tournament results. While it may be a bit cliche, it is true. So, whether it is a week or a month before temperature warm to "short sleeve" weather, one thing is for certain ... warmth, brilliant color, picnics and the busy sounds of the animal kingdom "multiplying," will be here shortly! That makes my cold bones very happy!!


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