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  I sit in my usual place of contemplation this morning wondering about hypocrisy. Most of my life hypocrisy was defined by the guidelines of my Christian upbringing. As a young child I heard my father and uncle “debate” scriptural interpretations, and from those “observations,” people, ideas, other denominations were put under the microscope …(how’s that for being gentle?) While I had and continue to have great respect and tremendous gratitude for my father and uncle’s passion, it did leave its mark. Most assuredly people are quick to notice the ways in which another person is “in error” with regards to his or hers beliefs, and, we quickly offer an opinion as to the “right way.”

  Over the years, I have personally and professionally witnessed the life long unwinding of such manner of teaching. If we can focus on the heart of the “microscopic” person, we will no doubt find his or hers behavior is based on the way in which they too, were a specimen on the slide glass of a microscope. In order to rebuild his or hers experience after being scrutinized by a watchful eye, he/she will generally choose actions to find error in others so he/she might find validity for his/hers way of living life. That is to say, in order to feel good about themselves, they will have to find fault in others. Or, in order to build themselves up, they have to tear someone down.

  It is really is a vicious cycle until someone in the “circle of relatives, friends, community,” decide to change the direction of such behaviors. It takes great courage to continue to love those that have been so critical; however, it is, indeed, the only way for unconditional love to return to our world. All of the great teachers have taught the importance of such love . . . seems time for each of us, individually, to begin within our own hearts to see what is truly beautiful. To look at others to correct their actions is ensure the vicious cycle will continue.  It is a guarantee hypocrisy will continue to grow and flourish. Each of us must choose carefully what we want to see more of in the world, and if it is to see God/Buddha/Creator, then we will begin the journey within to discover the truth, and not humankind's interpretation!


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