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  Yesterday in the healing circle someone requested we spin energy out to those ready and willing to choose joy over suffering. It was a very sweet and sincere request. This morning my heart felt the power behind that request and I wondered . . . what if people really consciously choice to live life with joy? What would the world look like, how would we treat each other and, most importantly, how would the chatter in our heads change?
  That is the key, changing what we tell ourselves about what is happening in life on a personal, individual level. It is a noble idea to want everyone to be happy; to no longer see people suffer, and, I believe it is, indeed, possible. However, for that to truly happen each of us must choose to remove suffering from our individual life.
  The saying, “begin within,” is spot on! What we feel within ourselves is what we will see in the world. Each of us must be willing to take responsibility for what we “send out into the world.” And, everything we think, say and do feeds those around us. If we want suffering to be removed, we absolutely must look at the mental chatter honestly and notice what sort of words we are using to describe our lives.
  A good question to ask is, “Am I as kind to myself as I am to others?” If you can honestly answer that with “yes,” then you are helping remove suffering from the world. Suffering is an option. I do not care what you parents did or did not do it is up to you to treat yourself with the loving gently kindness every human being needs and desires. And, for that to really happen, you absolutely must forgive your parents and/or caregivers for what they did or did not do. It is as simple as that.
  Certainly therapy is a vital and valuable tool that moves us toward that place; however, if we are merely going through the motions and continually repeating the stories of our past we are avoiding taking responsibility for what our life has become. It is true, we are masters of our fate and so each moment we must choose what we want to see more of in our lives. We absolutely must pay attention to the chatter in our head and change that dialogue. No one can do it for you; it is completely up to you!

  With that said, love yourself enough to seek the assistance of someone who lives their life as you want to live yours and then listen to how they have made their life as it is. There is no quick fix, not enough books written, that can magically remove the stories you tell yourself in your head. It takes courage to move toward what you want to become, vigilance to pay attention and a willingness to be as loving and gentle with yourself as you want others to be to you. It is up to each of us to remove the suffering we may feel in our heart and move toward love.


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