The ten-second pause

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  What does the word “discipline” really mean? Generally when that word is used we think of child rearing.  However, the word discipline is also referenced when some form of correction is deemed necessary in order to bring someone back into alignment with established guidelines set by an organization.
  Most everyone understands the necessity for rules, guidelines, some form of system by which a person’s behavior is monitored and/or goals are accomplished. That is to say, it is a way to hold people responsible for his/her actions. If everyone did exactly what they wanted at any given moment without consideration of the consequences on those around them, in time there soon would be some form of unrest with the masses.
  Case in point; consider the violent acts we witness through reports provided by the media. Obviously, the shooter/stabber/bomber took action with little regard for the consequences of his/hers choices on those with which he/she administered specific actions. There certainly was only the rage within the individual that guided the perpetrator’s actions.
  I wonder what the world would look like if we were taught from birth that every action we take has a consequence? Consider what parenting would look like if our actions were guided by such a concept, and, more importantly, imagine how society would “look.”
  It is a subtle yet powerful shift from controlling others by fear of punishment to one that empowers others to pause and consider their actions before taking an action. It seems to me the power is in the pause . . . a simple ten-second pause. Would that simple act change the world?

  As in literally everything that happens, it begins within each individual. Each of us must choose to change the way in which we exist in the world.  What a concept, to begin looking within our own self first before pointing the finger at someone else for why the world is in the state of flux it is.  What a powerful place to begin; to actually look inward for the inner wisdom for guidance before asking someone else what to do. Second opinions are often times helpful; however, seeking answers outside oneself first does not support the development of self-discipline. Perhaps when one practices the ten-second pause he/she will find that self-discipline is all that is needed to create a world that works for everyone. Just something to consider. 


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