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  I awoke this morning to a beautiful, crystal clear sky in Denver.  As is the usual routine, I grabbed my daughter's animal totem cards,  a cup of coffee and headed to the balcony to welcome the snow capped mountains to my heart. This morning Opossum weaved through the deck to remind me of the gift of "diversion" this being offers. As is always the case, it was spot on, and a great reminder for me to pay attention.
  As in most families, there are members who give us the opportunity to s-t-r-e-t-c-h beyond our set belief as to how people "should" act. Indeed, there are common courtesies that assist with contributing to a cooperative spirit that supports harmonious and peaceful relationships. And, yet, the love we feel for our relations can be sometimes be stretched behind human tolerance ... at least that's my observations. And, it takes us to the nonhuman place of the divine ... to our hearts!
  Most of the time, my way of dealing with these sorts of disrespectul, downright bullish behaviors has always been to attempt to speak my truths. However, when that has been meant with "overtalk" (that's to say they won't allow you to speak) I remain silent and pray for assistance that my lips stay closed .... which often requires a lot of prayer!
  My human reaction to be silent has often made me later question if my actions were done to "keep the peace," or because I lacked the courage to speak on my own behalf. Anyone who knows me, knows the answer to that question; however,  I am always willing to self-exam to keep myself in check.
  This morning I pulled the Opossum (possum) card and was reminded what a gift these beings offer humans. The opossum protects itself by "playing dead." While it has the ability to fight with its claws and teeth, it rolls into a ball, sends off the musk of death and remains motionless until its predictor gives up and leaves believing the "game is over!" Warriors have used this "medicine" for years ... pretended they were afraid or defended then retreated, only to take the time to regroup, use their mental as well as physical prowess to achieve their goals.
  I am grateful to be reminded that when I pretend to be apathetic or unafraid and choose to hold my words rather then allow my emotions to fuel the situation, I am more likely to get what I really want which is a peaceful, loving solution. Imagine what our families, communities, country and world would look like if we used the tactics of these little, not so pretty, yet beautiful creatures! Oh what an amazing teaching I've received this morning ... the gift of "diversion!"


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