Game on!

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  Interesting,  my whole life I have always been one who sleeps well, and I have been of the inclination,  "early to bed, early to rise,  makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise! " Oh, sure, there have been a night or two when life presented situations when my mind wouldn't "click off;" however, they were few and far between.  Well, every since I returned from my west coast trip it has been another story. 
  And,  story it may be! Perhaps something is brewing within that needs the quiet, peacefulness of the night. My mind has been restful,  things are most definitely changing in my life;  however,  those changes are welcomed! I am very ready for a more peaceful, less busy life. The crazy making created from weeding through my mother's current life situation has consumed the majority of my retirement. While I am most grateful for the opportunity to assist her with the conclusion of her life, it has been extremely challenging. I must give credit to my years in education for the patience,  resourceness and organizational skills needed for this chapter. 
  In the darkness of the night, my heart is grateful for this amazing life, and for the continual reminder that absolutely everything we need is provided at the precise moment it is required. There is absolutely nothing that goes unnoticed by Creator! In the stillness of all that is, my heart is filled with the love and warmth of this awareness, and my faith and trust in the divine is renewed! As the changes in my life shapeshift, I welcome the newness ... who knows, perhaps I will become a night owl after all these years. I do know much magic plays at night! Ahh, if that's it, I say, "game on!" Anyone else want to play? 


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