The Coastal Trip ...the rest of the story

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  Well, as is often the case, words elude me when I sit in front of a computer after the fact. It seems I have become dependent on the computer to record events rather then pen and paper. Therefore, attempting to recount the daily events seems to bring only pictures of the places rather then the details of what specifically occurred.
  To be perfectly honest, it has been difficult to answer questions about the Coastal trip. Perhaps it is because of the sensory “intake” is still absorbing the beauty. As most of you know, I absolutely love nature, and the diversity of beauty along the west coast is like trying to describe making love for the first time, there simply are not words to adequately describe the experience. To truly understand the magnitude of such an event can only be understood by experiencing it first hand.
  Perhaps in a few weeks, when I have had time to really absorb the experience I can write more about it. What I can say is Creator/God knows more about beauty then any poet, painter, songwriter on this planet! The last place we visited was Seattle. We stayed in a hotel in the center of town. As soon as I awoke, I took the steps to the rooftop to welcome Grandfather Sun. It was breath taking to look into the East as the skies became clear and blue, then look directly to the South and see Mt. Rainer regally anchored in the horizon. It was like observing God looking over his/her kingdom. If I had not seen it first hand I would have thought someone photo-shopped the picture. Here is this massively busy town with cranes in place to add new buildings and Mt. Rainer is sitting in the backdrop. Absolutely amazing! I was humbled by the experience; it was as if I had met God.

  That is all I can say at this time. I hope all of you are enjoying the warmth and beauty of the summer season. And, most importantly, you all are enjoying the festive gathering of friends and family as the “fruits” of the early summer gardens begin to offer their richness to us.


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