The Coast-1 & 2

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  I am going to do my best to post the daily events on this coastal adventure. First, I'll be posting on my tablet, so please be patient with funky and/or strange words. I'll certainly do my best to proof; however, do not want to spend all day typing with one finger!   
  We landed in San Francisco to beautiful weather. This is my very first trip to CA and it is as magical and diverse as can be imagined. Our first stop was to pick up the rental car.  Many of you know I selected a convertible; I mean how can two women drive the west coast any other way?  As "luck" would have it, when I asked if they had a mustang, they just "happened" to have just received one complete with a GPS device at no extra charge.  (That's really "sorta" funny considering the price of this baby for eight days.)
  We went directly to the Muir Woods, it was crowded, foggy, and many of the Standing Ones (trees) we're like none I've ever seen. The bark removes itself in various patterns that reveal various hues of brown. It was breath-taking for this tree lover. 
  Next we went to Napa Valley ... actually, Sonoma, we officially began our recreational part of the trip.  How amazingly beautiful to see vineyard after vineyard of the fruits used to provide the tasty liquid that has become a common past time. While drinking wine has been around since pre-biblical record, its resurgence has brought the gathering of people to a spirited reunion. We met a wine guru who spent 2 hours sharing bits and pieces of what he had learned during his 38 years in the business.  It was a delight to observe a person speak so passionately about what he/she loves.
  Spent the night in a very old and unique hotel that was designed to replicate an evening in Paris. I have pictures I'll share, the decor and pillows were the best features of the place. whomever owns the place has learned how to make money without someone be present. The only people as saw were the cleaning ladies. literally everything was self-serve. 

  Day two took us to a sweet and quaint "Mom & Pop" place located in Valley Ford for breakfast. Oh how I loved that place ... it reminded me of the diner in the movie,"The Spitfire Grill," which, if you have not seen, I highly recommend. The waitress was a very interesting thing woman who had much on her heart,  I was grateful for her willingness to be so forthright and vulnerable while sharing her story. Like most of us, she's learning new ways to move through life. She said she realized how fortunate she has been to live in a community where diversity is the norm not the exception. I found that a most interesting observation ... and yet,  she is still seeing something more unfolding in her life. Isn't that most interesting!
  Spent the rest of the day driving the coast ... the mist from the ocean filled the air with dense fog as the winds blew dust everywhere. It is exceptional dry in CA from the lack of rain. It was amazing to see the trees leaning almost sideways as the winds blow strongly off the Pacific ocean. It certainly is an example of flexibility and resiliency in the face of circumstances outside one's control. Onto tomorrow ...


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