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  Tragedy - a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair; calamity, disaster. Those are the words the dictionary uses to define Tragedy. Indeed, a tragedy awakens the heart.  We live in a world where our head (intellect) controls our life. And yet, when a tragedy happens it is our heart that feels the effects. Shock, disbelief,  confusion seem to reign over our head (intellect) that we have no choice but to "stand still" while our heart aches.
  Of recent, there seems to be many tragedies confronting people all over the world. However, it is the one that touches the life of someone we love that moves us into action. Whether it be a phone call, personal visit, or bringing food to the family of those in need, it is a natural reaction to reach out to those confronting a tragedy. Before our head (intellect) has a chance to make sense of it, we spring into action to connect to someone. It is the natural, instinctive human reaction.
  This Friday night my heart reaches out to several people i know who are confronting truly tragic situations. I know how it feels to be in such a state of shock your head (intellect) cannot offer your heart comfort. I am reminded that our heart knows precisely what it needs to mend. However, first it needs to simply feel the depth of despair, fear, and confusion before it can begin to heal. 
  And, it all begins with the love shared by our family and friends. A single act of kindness, tears shared as we hold each other during such times are among the greatest healers.  And, never underestimate the power of a prayer whispered either in person or from afar in the healing process. The heart feels all acts of love, and when love is expressed, tragedy begins to "shape shift" into strength. It is then our head (intellect) can begin to help us move into a place of compassion so that we may be of service to the next person who experiences a tragedy. 
  This Friday night, I am reminded that life is a circle and that love is the fuel that makes it turn.


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