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  After preparing the update to, This Moon, Weaves the Web has my heart dreaming! I am reminded how very blessed we are to have the ability to dream - and to actually see it come true. Over the years I have heard others tell me what a dreamer I am, and, you know, while his/her's words were said with a "pie in the sky" voice, I am grateful to have been seen! 

  I am a dreamer. I believe in the magic of life and that we have a Creator who smiles when his/her's creation realizes the gifts awaiting our acceptance. There is nothing we have to do but accept the abundance of love, beauty, possibilities, and the list goes on. Even the holy scriptures speak of the abundance Creator/God has for each of us. To me, the humor is with we "humans!" We seem to fall asleep when we get on this planet and forget all about our birthright. Thank God if we pay attention, we eventually wake up!
  I certainly am not speaking of some sort of "entitlement," instead, I reference the divine goodness that runs through our veins. Indeed, there are individuals/groups that show little if any outward sign of goodness; and yet, a vastly larger number of people in this world show our true, divine nature. In essence, it really is up to us what we choose.
  As I prepare to settle into bed for the night, it is my dream we re-member how to dream. Or, at the very least, we give it a try. No doubt we will find our life feeling more positive, more upbeat simply choosing to see if dreaming works. 


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