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  It’s that time of year when we dress little ones up in costumes and parade them around the neighborhood. Each year the little ones in my neighborhood knock on my door and hold out their plastic pumpkins, or paper bags to receive whatever “goodies” I hand out. I went through a phase of considering handing out healthy treats, until I realized its not safe to even hand out apples, granola bars or home made cookies. So, now I just buy a bag of pre-packed treats and let them take what they want. I figure their parents can discern what they want them to eat. My head understands the need to be cautious, while my heart feels saddened we have to hesitate for a moment to consider if someone has done something to the “treat.”
  Personally, I enjoy watching the little ones dress up in all sorts of costumes. It reminds me of the years my children were excited about dressing up and collecting candy – to them it was the one time of the year they could consume so many sweets. And the costumes, how they enjoyed figuring out how to create an outfit … as I recall we never bought a costume, they were all homemade.
  There has been much ado about the meaning of Halloween. To me, much like the other holidays we celebrate, the meaning has been lost from all the debate, dissection, and interpretations. From my observation, the fun comes from the excitement and the anticipation of the event. Halloween gives communities the opportunity to knock on a neighbor’s door, to see how much the kids haven grown and to maybe meet a new one that’s grown enough to walk to your door. It’s really very precious to see an older brother or sister accompany their younger sibling to the door. It’s an opportunity to witness the spirit of sharing, of assisting a younger one with finding their way in the dark, as Mom and/or Dad sit in the car or stand at the edge of the yard and carefully watch.
  Like everything else in life, it’s one’s perspective that defines an event, and I choose to see the sweetness of the grand tradition of Halloween. It is an opportunity to be reminded someone is always willing to share old traditions, open their doors to their neighbors, and hand out a treat. The balance is made with the gift received from watching the young ones grow each year. If you live in a neighborhood long enough, you get to see generations of kids bring their kids. What a grand opportunity to witness the continuation of life unfold! So, here’s to Halloween and all the spooky, beautiful, characters that show up at your door! May your heart be full!



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