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  Wind blows fiercely as rain clouds fill the sky waiting to feed the earth. The young trees bend with the wind as the sturdy old ones stand steady as their branches wave and leaves dance to the music of the wind. Its howling and changing things up as I sit within the protective walls of my home. It reminds me of those "trees" in my life that have provided an example of what it means to be steady, trusting, knowing without a shadow of a doubt everything is in perfect order, regardless of the seeming "destructive" forces.

  Life is changing, and with that change comes movement. I am grateful for the sturdy "Trees" in my life that helped me learn to how to be flexible, trusting, and remember that if I keep my roots firmly planted in knowing there is a "master gardener" in control, absolutely everything in life is in order! How grateful I am for the tree's in my life .... now its my turn to be a Tree for someone else! 


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