Which do YOU choose?

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  Veteran’s Day was yesterday and most of the country found beautiful ways to show respect and support for those that have served and continue to serve our country. We are, indeed, a blessed country with citizens that know how to be grateful for what they have. Living in this great country is a privilege and honor and is not to be taken lightly. It would behoove each of us to remember that Truth every single morning.
  In my opinion, there is no greater honor to have then to live in a country where there is respect for a divine being that created absolutely everything. To know this is to see the connection we have with all things – human and nonhuman! What a marvelous realization that we are part of something greater then what we human beings can imagine. To know we are all made from one divine source certainly offers us the opportunity to realize that what we think, say and do has an effect on everything around us.
  There is an old story about a Grandfather telling his grandson about the two wolves that live inside each of us that are vying for position. The Grandfather describes the one wolf inside is angry and full of greed; it harbors resentment and bitterness while the other wolf embodies love, compassion and clarity. The grandson asked the Grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” and the Grandfather says, “The one you feed.” 

   The question is, “what wolf do you choose to feed, and what are some choices you can make today to feed that one?” If each of us would consider those questions every day, this nation would become richer, more prosperous, and more harmonious in all ways.


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