No words

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  There is a segment in the movie "Contact," where Jodie Foster looks into an opening in space and sees such a spectacular sight she begins to cry. Her face is filled with wonder at the magnificent display of stars and colors that all she can say is, "No words." As she continues to stare into the beauty in front of her, her face becomes that of the young girl who starred into the night sky with her father, and through tears she repeats, "No words." Her face returns to the young woman who had been catapulted into space and she concludes her observations by saying, "They should have sent a poet."
  That scene came into my memory as I looked out my bedroom window tonight. An ancient tree, bare of all its leaves, is visible. It has various size branches that reach upward in all directions toward the heavens. It is cold outside as snow flurries gently fall from the sky, and something bright caught my eye so I walked to the window. What became visible was a million sparkling diamonds that dotted the clear night sky. The little dipper was directly in the east sky near the top of the stately tree, and all I could say was,  "No words!" It was truly a breath-taking sight to behold such beauty. I could have taken a picture; however, it would not have captured the true beauty of the moment. What a truly amazing world Creator has given us.  My heart is full! 


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