Birds of a Feather Flock together

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  Recent events in my life brought that old saying to the forefront of my heart. There are so many forms of “family” that continue to shape-shift the traditional interpretation of that word. This shape-shift offers each of us an invitation to examine our personal definition of family. As we do that, what may become apparent are the many people in our life outside our biological family that provide us unconditional love. These special people share our unique views, listen when we need to share something that lies heavy on our heart, and love us enough to be completely honest with us. These are the people we choose to spend time with because we feel safe. Dr. Phil would say they are our “soft place to land.”
  This morning my heart wishes to thank those “birds” with whom I flock as I meander through life’s “adventures” and experience the full gamut of emotions that go with that journey.  With these beautiful, amazing “birds” the sky’s the limit as I soar to new places and explore the new territories of my wildest dreams.

  There truly is no limit to what the unconditional love of another person can do with and for each of us. There is an old gospel hymn that goes, “on the wings of a snow white dove, he sends his pure sweet love.” These “snow white doves” that help us find our wings and soar, are truly a gift from our Creator!


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