Wicked 2

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Ah ha! I knew love would be found if I looked for it. The truth is it is the search for love that seemingly eludes us that leads to “wicked” behaviors. And, by the way, the dictionary indicates wicked can mean “evil or morally wrong, disagreeable, extremely unpleasant” just as it can also mean, “very good, excellent, cool, awesome, wickedly smart!” In essence, it means whatever you choose for it to mean. Sort of like the old saying, “in the eyes of the beholder.”
  All of this essentially lets us know that the meaning to anything depends on the energy in which we interpret or intend it to be.  Darn if the responsibility isn’t smack dab back in our laps. Just when it seemed comfortable to have someone else to assign the label … or to blame!
  There are many emotions stirred within when an injustice happens. Our minds run the gamut of them all when something stirs our heart. The bottom line however, is that when Love in the form of compassion, understanding, detachment is administered, it tends to calm the “wicked” thoughts within. The judgments, finger pointing and overall blame game only fuels the negativity that leads to “wicked” thoughts and often actions.
  It is a personal choice we make when our hearts are stirred from mean-spirited actions. And yet, it is in the moving through such actions that we learn the value of unconditional love. We learn with whom to spend time with that feeds our heart with goodness, warmth, hope, and inspiration.

  Perhaps the next time we see “wicked” actions that hurt another we will counterbalance those behaviors with unconditional love. If each of us can actually take that action, we will make a difference.  Even if we are simply a pin light in a large dark room we can and will be seen by someone who just may find the courage to turn on their light as well. What a “wickedly” lovely idea!


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