Wicked 3

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  Tonight my heart is asking some more about "wicked;" it is wondering how a person can feel so very unloved they become the opposite of their true nature. Of course, I believe every  person is good; I mean they have to be, they are the creations of Creator.  
  It seems to me it takes a great deal of disappointment, rejection, sorrow, grief, and whatever descriptor word you can use for sadness to make someone harden their heart to life. There is not a person on this planet that has not had sad events, some form of heartbreak or overall disappointment in life that makes them withdraw from life ... if only for a brief period of time. 
  So, perhaps the person who is willing to harm another, be destructive, disrespect living forms of any kind has given away any hope for finding goodness in their life.  Instead, perhaps they have agreed to be an "ambassador" for the opposite side. That is to say, they have chosen to be the problem and not the problem solver.  
  A principal friend of mine used to ask students that were sent to his office, "Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?" What a powerful question. Rather then place blame or falsely accuse someone, it puts the question directly into the lap of the one being questioned. 
  So, tonight I wonder if a person who takes an action that is disrespectful were asked that question the first few times they were "caught" in a "precarious situation," if it would make a difference in their future actions.  It is just something I am thinking about while weaving through this maze of what it means to be "Wicked."


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