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  Shortly after my first year of retirement I received an email from Neale Donald Walsch about a program he was supporting for "wanna be" writers. Something in my heart told me to give it a whirl, so I paid my money and began the program. I had many things on my heart that I wanted to share; however, I had no idea the form would be that of an old woman that lived in the woods. How a marvelous experience. All the books on writing described the "creative flow" that a person had to discover in order to actually produce a book, and I found it! 
  I discovered that flow when we were given instructions that only permitted us to have 36 pages a specific size. In order to condense what I had written, the birth of the old woman emerged. People who had a concern, or something they were confronting in their life would make the trip to her cabin and ask her only one question. From the question the old woman would tell a story that settled into the person's heart. Of course, as life is, nothing is resolved in a short period of time; however, change begins with an awareness. That is what the story does to those that journey to the old woman's cabin. Then the visitor has to find the warrior's courage within to  to move forward when that awareness is realized. 
  Check out the Mini book tab for the Introduction and Story one. It will provide you with a taste of what the full size book, "Head to Heart Talks: Rediscovering Your Authentic Self," is all about. In essence, the book series is a compilation of stories within stories.  
  After you read the mini tab, and/or the full size book, we welcome your comments, questions, and feedback. It is your input that assures us our mission to touch the reader's hearts is accomplished! Happy reading!


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