The Hot Stove

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  This morning my thoughts move to a deeper understanding of people. As I have said many times, I find people absolutely fascinating! After all my years observing people I still find them quite a mystery. What makes some people so thoughtful and considerate of others, seeking to understand different cultures and lifestyles? While others seem to view themselves as the center of the universe wondering what’s wrong with those that move through life differently. It is a perplexing situation that moves my head into action to help my heart understand.
  It seems to me every person has a sacred point of view in life that is uniquely their own. This point of view is created from each individual’s experiences from the time they come into this world. This point of view belongs to them and them only. Regardless whether a person has siblings being raised by the same parents there is still a different perspective for each child. I wonder why that is?
  What I conclude is such questions are a part of the magic in life. They are questions not to be completely understood, rather, simply to observe and respect. And while there are certainly behaviors I would not choose to exhibit in my life, nor do I respect from my sacred point of view, I do respect it is that person’s right to choose how they want to live their life.
  What I also understand is the individuals, or groups of individuals, that exhibit what I view as disrespect and immoral behaviors are not the sort of people I choose to spend time around. To me, it is sort of like putting you hand on a stove that is hot. If you have adjusted the burner to a lower temperature and it stays on high heat and you get burned, why would you put your hand on it again? So, rather then kick the stove, tell everyone what a terrible stove it is, whine and complain about it, I would choose to just get a different stove.

  In essence, I respect that being in this world means to have “free will,” to live, love, behave as we choose. And so, in order to not judge others and create more negativity and chaos in my little corner of the world, I simply choose to “hang out” with those that have a like-minded attitude. That is to say, individuals that genuinely care about being of service to the world by asking, “how can I be of assistance?” Surely if enough of us do that, those that see themselves as the center of the universe will have their hearts moved by the kindness of someone asking such a question. That is one of my hopes from my sacred point of view anyway . . . and yours?


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