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  It never ceases to amaze me the unexplainable mysteries on this planet. Archaeologists, geologist, astrophysicist, even theologians can not unequivocally provide hard facts about the phenomenal places on Earth Mother or her true origin. It all makes me smile. I love the magic of it all and the not knowing is as much a delight to my soul as hearing the speculations from well known "specialist" that have dedicated their life's work to trying to explain the unexplainable!
   Probably 20 years ago or so I heard of the Serpentine (Serpent) Mounds just outside Cincinnati and Friday a couple of friends and I finally made that journey. I had no perceived idea what to expect, all I had been told was they were Native American burial mounds and from an aerial view looked like a snake. Well, they are so much more then that! The Internet reports they are about as ancient as any known land form on Mother, and it is believed they were inspired and constructed by the ancient aliens. 
  What i do know is it is, indeed, an amazingly beautiful and sacred place. The reverence of the place is felt by those that show such respect for it's beauty by keeping it well groomed, along with the way in which they speak of land. One can feel the respect for energy there by not only those that work on the land, but by the many people that visit. Families brought picnic lunches, walked the path along the actual mounds as well as the nature walk surrounding it. 
  I will not begin to try and explain what I experienced, I will only tell you to read up on it then take the time to make the trip to actually "feel" the sacredness of yet another place on this beautiful blue planet.  I find that experiencing such uniquely sacred spots seems to put everything else in my life in perspective. While the whole world is changing at warp speed, and paradigms are shape shifting into new forms, visiting such an ancient and sacred site offers a heart felt, here and now experience that will cause one to hit the pause button. Somehow it makes one remember something that life can keep one from remembering . . . it's called the magic of the mystery of it all!


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