Time for the Fair!

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  Yep, it is time for the annual event that brings everyone out of their home and into the crowds of people who reside in their community. It might just be the one time all year you see many “old” friends, eat piggishly unhealthy food, and in the Midwest anyway, speak your best country slang! The Fair certainly offers a time to step back into one’s childhood and remember the carefree simple ways of the lazy days of summer. It is a time that offers one the opportunity to reconnect to community and see what their neighbors did while shut in during the wintry months. 
  It is a time to check out the handiwork of local artist, admire the lost art of sewing, crocheting, knitting and quilting and see first hand how a pig, a sheep, and other farm yard animals can be of such importance to a young person.  And one certainly cannot over look the jellies, jams, pickles, relishes and other homemade goodies prepared from the “fruits” of someone’s garden. Ah, the pride visible on the faces of those that receive the blue ribbon!
  And then, of course, there is the pig-wrestling contest, steer roping, dirt bike racing, kick butt car crashing experience. Oh, and the carnie rides, how can one ever forget the wrist band day that allows one to ride every thrill seeking ride present, all while stuffing oneself with elephant ears, snow cone, salt water taffy and the proverbial cotton candy! It is truly a memorable experience! Actually, that is not correct, it is an American rite of passage!

  So grab your best friend, put on your favorite blue jeans, boots and hat and get ready to experience or re-experience an American tradition. Your heart will be very grateful you did! See you at the Fair!


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