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It has been a 'most interesting' summer. These words are the best I can come up with to describe the events these hot, humid days have birthed not only in my life, but in those around me. Sweat rolling down our backs, pouring off our brows, causing our underwear to cling to the curves of our's been a summer for burning off old relationships, worn out beliefs and allowing the moisture to move toxins out. Sometimes it seems there is no end to readjusting to life. Like the old saying, "Just when you figure out the answers, they changed the questions", so it is with the ever evolving relationships in life. And those relationships are not just with family and friends...they are with all the beings that cross our path--whether in the form of animals, birds, even foliage! I have noticed the growth of the garden we have...seems a week not visiting the site brings an abundance of new weeds...along with the ripening of the vegetables. On the various walking paths we use, flowers, bushes and trees are ever changing as the rain feeds the soil that provides the nourishments for growth. Everything is in a state of change, of growth, of coming into a new form and shape.

There is a burning away, a fire of passion that has ignited a new way of being in the world for all of us. Virtually everyone we have encountered is confronting change and tweeking the necessary elements for adapting! Regardless what form change has taken in our life, a commitment to being loyal to ourselves is necessary. The one constant we must have in our life is a loyalty to stand beside ourselves as we confront each new 'adventure'. To do this, we need to see our worth, know our strengths and be willing to ask for assistance when things seem unclear. While this seems logical, and certainly makes sense, it is the word commitment that seems the most difficult for people to embrace. I can only look in the mirror and ask if I am committed to standing with myself, to making certain regardless whatever circumstances I am confronted with, I know there is at least one person who loves me enough to listen, accept the situation and believe without reservation that I have the resources available to handle what's in front of me. When each of us do this, we help those around us do the same...imagine how our community (and world) could change if we made the commitment to love ourselves unconditionally! Guess the question to ask, is are YOU ready to make that commitment?


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